We started riding scooters in the 80ies, since 1990 we've been building
pipes. In 2004 the Hammerzombi was our first commercially available pipe for
Vespa smallframes, soon to be followed be the Franz which by now has earned
its status as a classic. It was soon followed by a number of pipes for both
smallframe and largeframe Vespas as well as for Lambrettas. Our pipes have
helped and still help a number of talented rider to win races literally all
over the world, and they have helped to too boost performance on countless
roadgoing scooters. We'd like to thank all of you, some customers, but some
friends also, for the trust. We will remain at your service, enjoy your
scooter, keep on keeping on!

You Ludwig & Scherer Team
Titanium Bicycles
Handmade in Kleinblittersdorf